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ten interlocked syllables of power  +
posture of relaxation  +
panels  +
nineteenth century  +
twentieth century  +
35 Buddhas of Confession  +
Aaron's rod has sprouted, flowered and produced ripe almonds  +
abbot  +
agate  +
Eight Auspicious Emblems  +
Eight great Stupas  +
Eight Buddhas of Medicine  +
octagons  +
Adam and Eve (not in biblical context)  +
(the skull or skeleton of) Adam at the foot of the cross of Christ (iconographic particularity to be used as additional notation only)  +
predatory birds: eagle  +
eagle (possibly with book) ~ symbol of St. John  +
11HH(AGNES) the virgin martyr Agnes of Rome; possible attributes: lamb, ring  +
acanthus ~ ornament (+ framing decorations)  +