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Skos altLabel xml:lang="eng"

Seiten mit dem Attribut „Skos altLabel xml:lang="eng"“

Es werden 50 Seiten angezeigt, die dieses Attribut verwenden:

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(Bild)Feld +panels  +
(abschließbares) Schloss +locks  +
19. Jahrhundert +nineteenth century  +
20. Jahrhundert +twentieth century  +
35 Bekenntnisbuddhas +35 Buddhas of Confession  +
Aaron mit dem blühenden Stab +Aaron's rod has sprouted, flowered and produced ripe almonds  +
Abt +abbot  +
Achat +agate  +
Acht Glückssymbole +Eight Auspicious Emblems  +
Acht Medizinbuddhas +Eight Buddhas of Medicine  +
Acht große Stūpas +Eight great Stupas  +
Achteck +octagons  +
Adam und Eva +Adam and Eve (not in biblical context)  +
Adams Schädel am Kreuz Christi +(the skull or skeleton of) Adam at the foot of the cross of Christ (iconographic particularity to be used as additional notation only)  +
Adler +predatory birds: eagle  +
Adler (Evangelistensymbol) +eagle (possibly with book) ~ symbol of St. John  +
Agnes +11HH(AGNES) the virgin martyr Agnes of Rome; possible attributes: lamb, ring  +
Akanthus (Rahmenornament) +acanthus ~ ornament (+ framing decorations)  +
Akṣobhya +Akshobhya  +
Aldinen +Aldine bindings  +
Almandin +almandine  +
Almosenschale +alms-bowl  +
Alpha und Omega +alpha and omega, sometimes with wreath, triangle, instruments of the Passion, etc. ~ symbol of Christ  +
Alto +male saints (ALTO)  +
Altomünster +Altomünster  +
Ambrosius von Mailand +Ambrose, bishop of Milan; possible attributes: beehive, cradle with baby, three-knotted scourge  +
Amethyst +amethyst  +
Amitābha +Amitabha  +
Amitāyus +Amitayus  +
Amoghasiddhi +Amoghasiddhi  +
Anbetung +gesture of salutation  +, gesture of prayer  +
Anbetung durch die Heiligen Drei Könige +adoration of the kings: the Wise Men present their gifts to the Christ-child (gold, frankincense and myrrh)  +
Andreas +the apostle Andrew; possible attributes: book, X-shaped cross, fish, fishing-net, rope, scroll  +
Apostelgruppe +other groups of apostles  +
Aquamarin +aquamarine  +
Arabeske +ornament ~ arabesque  +
Architekturdarstellung +architectural settings in paintings, sculptures, etc.  +
Architekturrahmen +architectural frames  +
Architrav +other architectural details: architrave  +
Arkade +arcade ~ architecture  +
Art déco +Art Deco  +
Asien +Asia  +
Atlas +satin  +
Auferstehung der Toten (beim Tod Christi) +earthquake, opened tombs and resurrection of the dead ~ Christ's death  +
Augsburg +Augsburg  +
Augustinus von Hippo +Augustine, bishop of Hippo; possible attributes: arrows piercing his breast, book, child with spoon, flaming heart, heart (pierced with arrows), pen  +
Avalokiteśvara +Avalokitesvara  +
Baldachin +canopy, baldachin  +
Bamberg +Bamberg  +